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Paste & Sip Events

Paste & Sip Events

Paste   *   Sip   *   Party

I am all about helping you discover your vision in a relaxed and fun environment. Paste and sip parties are the perfect place to have fun and get creative with your friends, family or like-minded strangers. Whether you are celebrating a major milestone – birthday, divorce, birth, marriage, new job - or you just want to shake up your weekend routine, you will feel inspired whether in our venue or in the comfort of your own home.  Are you ready to discover your true desires? Book your next bruncheon or night out with Empowered for Success!   


We also help cover:

                         * Holidays parties                    * Team Building                       * Family reunions                  

                         * Retirement celebrations       * Graduation parties               * Date Night

                         * Girls Night Out                      * Anniversaries                        * Fundraisers                         

                         * A new home                          * Book clubs                            * Church groups 

                         * Moms’ groups                       * Executive meetings             * and more


Looking for a fun way to bring your employees together? Want to give back to a cause you believe in? Want to change your life? Never created a Vision Board or need a new one? No worries. You will leave the session with your own original masterpiece. Take it home, hang it on the wall, and relive the great time you had with… Empowered for Success.

Book one of our exciting events! 


Learn more about the events we offer by calling 773.242.9685 or email

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