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A VIP Day is an intensive, one on one immersive session designed to resolve a specific issue, reach a decision, or to clarify who you are and what you want.

You decide the problem or situation you want to address, and then we work together to push you to your limits in one concentrated effort. If you are ready, you will go further, faster than you ever thought possible, with guidance and support, achieving bigger and better results. 

VIP Days

Fast * Personal * Actionable

VIP Coaching Days are focused on a single individual. You. Everyone is uniquely and wonderfully made. We can attend hundreds of workshops and conferences and gain extensive knowledge to move forward in live. However, sometimes we need that one-on-one attention to dive deeper.  And depending on our schedules we need an intensive session to get started. 


Each VIP coaching experience is tailor mailed for you. Just like a personal coaching session, you choose the destination, and together we create a pathway to get you there. The difference these sessions are created to get you there in the shortest time possible.

We use all the tools and techniques available in normal coaching, plus a few others I have created, to assemble an accelerated coaching program that delivers actionable results in a single day. Results that are considered, measured, sensible, but above all personal to you. And you can start to act on them immediately!

Sample VIP Days include:

  • Personal Inventory 

  • Life Vision Mapping

  • Personal Strategy

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