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Do you start working towards your goals, but stop when life throws you a curve ball? Is  negative self-talk preventing you from moving forward? What we consistently think about becomes our reality. If you focus on what you cannot have or do, you will not work  towards it. If you make time for what’s important to you, it will be successful.  To ensure radical lasting success, you must change your mindset.


Gain momentum in 90 days. What would you like to see accomplished in the next 90  days? Lose weight, manage your anger, save money, travel, pray more. If you set your mind it, add a compelling “why”, take action you can begin to see movement in the direction you seek to go.


Give yourself grace with this planner. The negative chatter and self-sabotage did not happen overnight. Therefore, it is going to take patience and consistent action to reprogram your life. This planner focuses on changing the negative thinking, preparing for obstacles and creating a plan to move forward.

Planning Positive: 90 Day Planner for Positive Living

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